What’s in my college bag!

So I love reading all the what’s in my bag posts and watching the videos. But I don’t know whether anybody else does or if I’m just really nosy, but I thought I’d do one myself anyway. So since all I do is go to college and work, my college bag is basically my everyday bag. So here’s my what’s in my college bag, enjoy!
This is the bag I use, I only got it recently (because the handle of my other one annoyingly snapped)
but I love it! It’s really big inside, and I just love the extra white mini pouch on the front!
And believe it or not, this bag was only Ā£12 from Primark!
So let’s start with what’s in the mini white pouch because that’s the most boring, it’s basically my ‘medical’ bag. It just has in paracetemol and all the other tablets and antibiotics I have to take at the moment.

(I’ve tore the muscle under my kneecap and currently can’t walk without crutches, nightmare)

So, onto the main contents of the bag, the ‘necessities’! Starting with my purse (I have no clue where it is from) which I just keep all of my money and cards in! (Obviously).
I then also carry some earphones and my phone charger, which are definitely must haves! As well as my iPad mini, this varies though as to what I’m doing that day whether I take my MacBook or my iPad! Then I have a ‘my passport’ which is an external hard drive! This is one of the best things I have ever owned, it is so convenient and saves sooooo much storage on my MacBook! I then have a random rubber (I’m an art student) ((I actually have no clue why it is in this shot I didn’t even realisešŸ˜‚)). Then my house key with the cute Minnie Mouse key ring, my boyfriend has the other half hahaha! And of course my Katy Perry ‘Killer Queen’ perfume!
And finally the more boring college things of my bag hahaha! So I carry a folder as we’re just sorting out our UCAS and choosing our university options so I have to keep all the information in one place as well as stuff from open days! I also have my sketchbook and a planner! This planner is so convenient, it has day to day pages with times on which is perfect for lessons etc! And it’s only from Asda!
Then I have my pretty rose gold pencil case (Primark) that just has all of my coloured pens and drawing pencils in! (And should have a rubber in but apparently not)!
Also my phone is usually thrown in my bag somewhere but it was plugged into the speakers blasting some Drake whilst I took these photos hahaha!
What are your bag necessities? Let me know in the comments!
Hope you enjoyed!
Love, Melissa X

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