Kiko Milano Review!

So I bought some Kiko products when I visited Amsterdam in August, I’ve heard so much about the brand and I don’t have one anywhere near me so I was so excited to try it! And since it is now October (how fast has this year gone!!!), I have had plenty of time to try all of the products out! Some products I really like, others not so much.
So lets start with the face products, the face primer I actually don’t have a picture of (unless you look HERE) because I lost it, oops! I can honestly say,  I am definitely not sad about it going missing! (I didn’t even notice it was gone until I was looking for it for these pictures). I specifically bought the ‘matte’ primer because I have oily skin but this didn’t make a difference at all. It didn’t make my face look mate and it didn’t make a difference to to how long the foundation lasted / how it looked. I was so disappointed in the primer because I had heard so many good reviews about it but it just didn’t impress me at all.
Onto the foundation this impressed me more than I thought it would! Considering this was only £6.90 I didn’t expect it to be as long lasting as it was, I get ready at around 8am in the morning and when I got home from college at 4pm my face still looked intact! With and with out the primer! I was pleasantly surprised by this because with my skin type most light to medium coverage foundations go patchy on me by mid day and are basically gone by the end of the day.
Extra brownie points to Kiko!
So the last face product I got was the concealer, it covers well and lasts just as long as the foundation. However I did notice that it was quite hard to blend, I had to re spray my beauty blender with my mac fix + a few times before it was completely blended. Other than that I really like the concealer!
Onto the eyeshadows, shade 50 (on the left) is my favourite! I love it!! I use it as a highlighter rather than an eyeshadow but it gives off such a good glow and I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it! Shade 45 is also such a pretty colour! I love rose gold shades for one my eyes, especially pearlescent ones! So this eyeshadow shade is perfect for me! Both eyeshadows are so easy to blend with practically no fall out!
Onto the eyebrow markers, my favourite products of them all!! I haven’t had any use out of shade 1 because it is far to light for me but shade 3 is perfect and I have definitely had my moneys worth! It is all I have used since I bought it, I’m surprised I haven’t ran out yet! The marker tip makes it so easy apply as well as preventing you from putting on too much product. I love this because it allows you to build up the colour how you like it and makes the drawing on application so much more precise!
Finally, the lipliner in shade 712 – rose mauve. Pink / mauve based nudes are my go to lipsticks to this lipliner was perfect for me and I loved the colour of it, it went perfectly with some of my favourite lipsticks! (Mac – faux, YSL – beige blouse (47) and Bourjois Velvet -Don’t pink of it!) The colour pay off of the liner is amazing and it lasts a decent amount of time!
Overall I actually really liked all of the Kiko products, apart from the primer but everything else I was impressed with and definitely would recommend the brand!
Have you ever tried Kiko products? What are your favourite products? Let me know in the comments!
Hope you enjoyed my rambley review!
Love, Melissa X

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