December Goals

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So, on Friday it is officially the 1st of December (and my bday yaaas)! How quick has this year gone?! I have a busy December planned so I thought I’d share my December goals! (And probably not stick to them – again)

Stick To Blogmas

I can just about stick to my blog schedule which is posting twice a week, I don’t know how I’m gonna do it every day for 31 days! Luckily I’ve been organised for once and scheduled posts ahead of time! But some of the posts I’m not able to do til I’ve actually experienced it, which means I need to be on the ball!

Take Lots Of Photos

I’m always that person who charges all of their cameras, clears off all of their SD cards and then takes one photo. I always get too caught up in the moment to take photos but I will be doing so many exciting things this month so I want photos of it all!

Be Happy

Number one rule of December – stop stressing. I know its easier said than done but December is my favourite month of the year! It’s my birthday month and Christmas, it’s gonna be a happy month!

Drink More Water

I say this every month but I really need to start drinking more water!

Treat Myself

I need to stop worrying about money (- just for one month) and just buy myself whatever I want! (Even though I order from beauty bay all the time – you can see my last haul here) I’ve worked hard this year, I deserve it!


Now I already know this isn’t gonna happen, I just haven’t got the balls to do it! But I’m doing so many exciting things this month I’d love to be able to watch them back whenever I wanted!

What are your goals this month?  Let me know in the comments!

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