Ps… Fashion Nails review (Primark)

Hi Dolls,
I always walk past the beauty / nails section in Primark but I always see a lot of people there and they seem to sell out pretty fast so I thought i’d buy a pair or two and let you dolls know what I thought.
So the nails are quite very cheap! at £1 for a packet with 2 sets of nails in and a glue, thats a good deal!! this made be think, either the nails are going to be absolutely awful, or Primark is just definitely cheap.
I picked up two colours, Blue Ice and Posh Spice.



I chose these colours because ‘Posh Spice’ is the typical purple hue’d nude I’d usually go for however I got brave when choosing ‘Blue Ice’ but I am excited to wear them.
( I also just noticed the names rhyme HAHA )
So I bravely tried my blue ice pair, I was impressed!! The glue was a lot better than I was expecting it to be! It dried almost straight away and the nails lasted me just over a week!! I was so shocked, I was expecting 2 maybe 3 days out of these nails, very impressed!! They also looked very pretty and didn’t at all look cheap! I also got a lot of questions wondering who done them for me, they were then shocked to hear they were £1 from primark!!!
So, overall I am very, very, very impressed with these nails!! not only did they look nice but they were very practical!
What are your favourite press on / fake nails?!
Love, Melissa X


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