So if you follow me on Twitter (you should)
you will have seen the tweets about @GRLPOWRCHAT and probably wondered what / who is this?! It’s time to find out!

What is GRLPOWR ?
GRLPWER is a Twitter page ran by myself and an amazing group of girls, with exciting new things to come! Such as weekly Twitter chats, and exciting new ideas getting brainstormed!!!

Chats will be Tuesdays at 9pm, Thursdays at 8pm and all day Sunday’s!
What is the aim of #GRLPOWR?
The aim of grlpowr is to be a positive place for other bloggers to go to promote themselves (just follow @GRLPOWRCHATS and use #GRLPOWR at the end of your tweet!) to make new friends and join in chats!

Who are you all and how did you meet?
Well one day a Twitter chat was made and two hours later everyone was best friends, it was that simple. It was the best feeling being welcomed by so many people and us all having so much in common!! Knowing I have people to talk to about anything is the best thing!!
These are all of the gorgeous girls who are in #GRLPOWR go show them some love!!!
JODIE: Twitter, Blog
LAUREN: Twitter, Blog
MEG: Twitter, Blog
LILY: Twitter, Blog
FRANCESCA: Twitter, Blog
LILY: Twitter, Blog
ELLIE: Twitter, Blog
ELOISE: Twitter, Blog
JORDANNE: Twitter, Blog
CATHY: Twitter, Blog
HANNAH: Twitter, Blog
EM: Twitter, Blog
BECCA: Twitter, Blog
NUSHA: Twitter, Blog
BECCA: Twitter, Blog
EMMA: Twitter, Blog
Hope you’re as excited as we are!


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