September Roundup!

So this month hasn’t been the best month to say the least! From a knee injury to starting my new job and going back to college to do my art foundation year, i’ve been none stop busy 😫 and I’ve also been missing from the blogging world for the most part of this month (soorrrryyy!!) I got completely overwhelmed with starting my new job and college work that I lost all motivation to blog, but I missed it and finally got on top of everything I have going on and finally have time to myself so here I am!
I’ve also decided that instead of just doing a monthly favourites at the end of every month I’m going to do a ‘monthly roundup’ which will be basically like this month which will include a little kind of diary entry about the month (I won’t ramble on I promise) and then some of my favourites! Hope you enjoy these kind of posts!
So lets start with my new job, so the first week of September was my first week of training! I was working 5pm until 1am monday to friday, it’s been long to say the least! The first few days was our “classroom” days, where we just sit and watch powerpoints / get told how to use the server etc and then we went into the “incubator” in the second week, we were on the phones and placing orders etc but we had people at hand incase we needed help. (My new job is in a worldwide known call centre!) I took to it a lot easier than I expected too, sitting in a classroom getting told everything made me dread going up and starting the incubator! But it is definitely know where near as bad or as hard as I was expecting it to be! I actually really like it and enjoy it! (Probably won’t be saying that in a few weeks!)
Also, I got my first payday and have already treated myself, a lot😜
So on to my first day of art foundation, I am now a full time art & fashion textiles student!! I chose to do art foundation because I was so uncertain about whether I wanted to go to uni or not and this course will give me an insight on what i’ll be doing in uni as well as giving me an insight to other art careers so I can decide which I would like to do. Then at the end of it, i’ll have a foundation diploma in art and design! It’s going okay so far, I can’t decide whether I love it or hate it. It isn’t what I expected it to be at all! I suppose once we’re finished the smaller projects and once I’m on to doing what I actually enjoy I might like it more!
This month has also been a good month personally / blogging wise! I got a new camera!! We will no longer have those horrible flashbacks! I haven’t stopped playing around with it since I got it, it’s constantly been in someone’s face making them pose for me😂 I also recieved my first blogger mail! How exciting is that?! I got it from seventeen and a post about it will be going up on Wednesday!
In terms of my blog, my last two posts got me the highest views I’ve ever had on a post! I was so overwhelmed, I never ever expected one person to read my blog never mind so many people, Thank You!!!
I’ve finally chose set days and times (Wednesday’s and Sunday’s at 5pm!) so hopefully I actually stick to this schedule haha!
So onto my favourites, I have three favourites this month!
My first favourite thing this month is the Katy Perry ‘Killer Queen’ perfume! I absolutely love this perfume, it’s very sweet smelling, the perfect summer perfume! I have used it aaaalll summer and I’m still using it now🙈 and how cute it the bottle?!
My second favourite this month is the Seventeen ‘Easy on the eye’ palette, which I’m not going to tell you about because I have a post about it going up on Wednesday but I neeeeded to mention it and you need to try it!
And finally, the Barry M ‘flawless colour correcting primer’ which I got in ‘FPC Green’ because green is for anti redness! As you can see, I have used this a lot! I absolutely love it, it does what it says, it colour corrects redness and mattifys my skin! And it keeps my make up on all day (which I didn’t expect it too) this will definitely be a repurchase!
So there we go, that was my monthly favourites, what a ramble! Let me know what you dolls think about these kinds of posts!
How was your month? How was the start of school/college/uni?? Let me know in the comments!!
See you on Wednesday,
love, Melissa X


  1. October 6, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    ahh doesn't it! I love it x

  2. October 6, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    ahh doesn't it! I love it x

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