Seventeen Review!*

So I was lucky enough to be sent some products from Seventeen! (A big thank you to Louise!)
I was so excited to recieve these and I was even happier when they turned up, look at that palette!
I tried them all on instantly, here’s my review!

The first thing I tried out was the ‘Easy on the eye’ palette in the shades ‘birthday suit’. I was quite intrigued by the the contents of the palette, there are 8 powdered shadows which includes a mix of shimmer, matte and pearlescent shades. Each of the powdered shadows are so pigmented! I couldn’t get ‘gentle pink’ and ‘warm ivory’ to show up as well as I wanted on camera however the colour does show on my eyelids a lot better than it looks on this image! ‘cool rose’ and ‘gentle pink’ are actually my two favourite shades of the powdered shadows! they are so easy to wear and I have created so many pretty looks with them so far!
Also in the palette are 3 cream shadows and an eyeshadow primer, which I think are such good things to include as it gives you a lot of option when creating your look and also is perfect for travelling! It is very rare you see eyeshadow palettes include cream shadows and a primer so this is definitely great work by Seventeen!! All of the cream shadows are also really pigmented and shimmery which I love, Bronzed Buff is my favourite, I love it!!! The cream shadows and eye primer also came with a plastic covering meaning they was not dried out when they came and have still not dried out, impressed!!
Onto the ‘Mega Matte’ lipsticks. Look how pigmented them colours are!!! I was very happy when receiving these colours, look at ‘Rioja your world’ it is absolutely perfect for Autumn. I am really picky when it comes to red lipsticks, being so pale skinned some reds really wash me out. ‘Rioja your world’ is actually one of the reds that suits me really well and I haven’t stopped wearing it since I received it!
On the other hand, when I first seen ‘I lilac you a lot’ I didn’t know what to think! It’s such a brave colour and one I am definitely not brave enough for. When I tried it on I was actually pleasantly surprised, it seemed to suit my skin tone a lot more than I expected it to! Once I had tried it on and played around with it a few times it grew on me, but I am still definitely not brave enough to ever wear it out.
So the formula also exceeded my expectations by miles. The lipsticks are really really really  creamy which makes them so easy to apply. However when I noticed how creamy they are I didn’t think they would be that matte, I was definitely wrong. They dried matte almost straight away and even though they looked so matte they were definitely not drying at all! I was very impressed!
The lipsticks have also passed the drinking, eating, talking for hours test!! They lasted all day!!
So that’s my review of some Seventeen products! Overall I love them and I would definitely recommend them to others!! I also loved working with Seventeen as a brand, Louise was so pleasant and lovely to work with so a big thank you to her!
I hope you enjoyed my review, let me know what your favourite Seventeen products are down in the comments!
(also please excuse how many times I over use the words ‘also’ and ‘defnitely’)
Love, Melissa X

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