The Versatile Blogger Award!


So I was tagged by the lovely Nusha (you should definitely go check her out!) to do the Versatile Blogger Award tag and I thought I’d give it a go because I have never posted a really personal post before, so it’ll let you learn a little more about me.
So here goes 7 facts about me;
1) Packet pasta is my life
 you know that pasta you can get, the already flavoured ones in the packet that you just add water and milk to and cook? they’re my favourite things in the whole entire world. I’m a really fussy eater so when I find something I really like I just stick to it and its alls I eat. But I am literally obsessed with it, I could live off it (I technically do anyway).
2) Disneyland Paris is my happy place.
Cliche, I know. But it honestly is my favourite place in the whole entire world. Disneyland Paris is my earliest memory, it was my 4th (or 5th) birthday and Pinocchio said happy birthday to me. I screamed, cried and ran to my dad. How did he know it was my birthday?! probably that birthday badge I had on.
Disneyland is a place my mum and dad took me and my brother whilst we was growing up so I have lots of amazing memories there. My boyfriend also surprised me with a trip to Disneyland for my birthday last year, it was amazing!!


3) I absolutely LOVE sharks.
Sharks are my absolute favourite animal and the thing at the very top of my bucket list is to go swimming with sharks!
4) I have to constantly have something on my feet.
Socks, shoes, slippers anything but being bare foot!! (that alliteration you go girl)
The feel of anything touching my feet creeps me out, the bed sheets, carpet, other people. ugh. Absolutely nothing makes me cringe / shudder / creeps me out more than something touching my feet, I actually fear anything going near my feet.
5) I am a reaaaally bad worrier.
I worry about absolutely everything. That test coming up next year. What did that text mean? Did I lock the door? Did I turn the straighteners off? Does everyone think i’m annoying?
I wil literally over think and over analyse every situation I have and worry about it all day. Even if there are no problems, I’ll find something to worry about.
6) I love reality tv!
The only way is Essex, Geordie shore, Ex on the beach, Big Brother, name any reality tv show and I’ll probably watch it. I just love it!! Oh and Great British Bake Off, is that reality tv? I love that too anyway!!
7) I am a huuuuuuuuge believer in zodiac signs and horoscopes.
I am a Sagittarius and I will religiously read my horoscope every week, I love it.
I also think my ‘zodiac traits’ fit me well, I like adventures and freedom, the thought of being restricted to anything / a place freaks me out and I am definitely impatient.
So, there are my seven facts about me. I’m definitely not as interesting as most of all the other people who have done this, but I hope it let you get to know me a little bit more!
Hope you enjoyed!
Love, Melissa X

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