Essex Travel Diary

So last weekend we travelled down to Essex for my little cousin Freddies christening! (how cute is he!^) We was there Friday – Monday and I had such a good time spent with family! I didn’t take that many photo’s (oops) so this is more a ‘family time’ post than a travel diary, but it was such a beautiful place and I had such a good time that I wanted to get this post up!


My cousin lives on the very edge of Essex, in a seaside town. It has a cute little beach lined with lighthouses and rows and rows of beach huts. The beach huts are owned by different families and in the summer you see quite a few people having barbecues and little picnics by their beach huts, it is so cute! I love how each beach hut is painted so differently, they’re so colourful and so pretty to look at! (they’re also great for outfit post backdrops!)



I had a fab time spending time with my close family and boyfriend! A weekend away from college work was perfect and a break from general routine! Family time is so important and even though a lot of my family isn’t super close, it’s great when everyone comes together, has a massive catch up and gets ridiculously drunk!

 Also, have a photo of me mid fall because my heels sunk into the sand when I was trying to take cool photos for my outfit post 🙂 even though it looks more like I am preaching to God than falling over hahah!!
So even though I forgot to take enough photos for a travel diary, I hope you enjoyed this post!
I certainly had fun being in Essex!
Have you ever been to Essex? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading!
Love, Melissa X



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