Collective Makeup Haul! & A little update!

Hey dolls!
So this is my first blogpost in over a month, so much for sticking to that routine!
Anyway, life smacked me in the face full force, going to college full time and working full time, I just couldn’t cope! But I have finally got my life together and learnt how to handle my time, I think hahaha! I suppose we’ll find out depending on whether this blog stays afloat haha!!

Anyway, on with the post!! Since my last post, I have bought and received a fair bit of make up. I got my first payday so obviously I bought make up!! and I also turned 19 on December 1st! In which I also received a lot of make up!! There is also a few things I was lucky enough to receive from brands! So some things I have tried and other things I received recently so I haven’t fully tried yet.

So here’s my collective makeup haul!

I don’t know where to start, so we’ll start with what (I think) I bought first!
In October I got my very first monthly payday, so of course my beauty bay basket got ordered! I ordered two Morphe Palettes, an eyeshadow one – 35W and a powder one – 06PC.
I also finally caved into the ABH dipbrow rave and ordered one! They are as good as everybody makes out, but I ordered medium brown, which is slightly to dark for me! I also ordered the Milani 2-in-1 foundation which I am obsessed with! It is definitely full coverage, I love it! and because of how much I’d spent, Beauty Bay added on a free gift – I chose the Japonesque liquid lights in shade light 2! I’d heard so much about this and now I know why! Highlight on fleeeeeeek!!
I also visited Poland in October where I picked up two NYX liqiud lipsticks from the NYX pop up shop. I picked up a NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Stockholm! and a NYX liquid suede in the shade 04 – soft spoken. There was also a mini Sephora in Krakow! I went in and picked up a lot of face masks and lip masks (which I have already used and loved them all) and picked up a mini sample of one of the Sephora’s own brand ‘lip ink’s’.
I also picked up some other drugstore bits! I finally picked up a Nivea Mens post shave balm! So far, I understand the hype!! I also picked up a few SEVENTEEN products, two of the stay time concealer  in two different shades (one for contour) and a Miracle Matte pressed powder, the oil free one! I also picked up a Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner in the shade Tiramisu!
I also heard on twitter that QVC sell Tarte products! So obviously I ordered myself some, I ordered a ‘Radiance from the rainforest’ 6 piece collection (but I’ve lost the lipstick and the eyeliner – oops) Not going to lie, I wasn’t impressed at all. I know the foundation is water based, but it doesn’t have any coverage at all, and we can tell by the picture I ordered the wrong shade hahaha! As for the palette, it includes a blush and 6 eyeshadows. I love the colours in this palette but the pigmentation could be a little better! And finally as for the mascara, I love it! The white fibre end is amazing and definitely helps lengthen your lashes!
Onto my birthday bits! I got spoiled to say the least. I received the Kat Von D shade and light eye palette, as well as a MAC x9 palette in the shade burgundy! I also got the MAC pigment in vanilla and oh my god I love it!! Eye looks and face is gonna be so glowy!! I also received the Morphe 12NB palette as well as two Milani individual shadows in the shades 23 – bella copper and 16 – bella champagne!
I’ve sat around for hours playing with these palettes and swatching them and the pigmentation is insane!! look out for make up looks coming soon with these beauties!
I also received The Manizer Sisters palette which I’ve been wanting for soon long!! As well as a new MAC fix +, this is my go to setting spray, I love it!
I also received the Too Faced Sweetheart blush in ‘Candy glow’ and the Too Faced ‘Better than sex’ mascara, which came with a free mini Too Faced eyeliner (it’s so creamy).
Onto the lip products I received for my birthday! I received a MAC lipliner in the shade Soar, A Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the shade Lolita I (which I have wanted for so long!).
I also received a Gerard cosmetics hydra matte in the shade ‘serenity’ and a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Rose Matter’ (which I am actually really impressed with).

I was also lucky enough to be sent these amazing products! Shadow switch is such a great product and I would definitely recommend it! It came in so handy on my birthday!!
I also received the All Out Pout palette from SEVENTEEN along with a lip brush, the shades are perfect for winter!!

I am so lucky to have been able to buy and receive all of this make up and I hope you have all enjoyed reading my collective make up haul as much as I enjoy playing with all the products on my face hahaha!!
(this post is a lot longer and chattier than I thought it would be, so if you made it to the end HI!! thanks for reading and Congrats for finishing that essay hahaha!!)

Love, Melissa x


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