Make Up Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kits Review

So, if you seen my TAM Beauty Haul post you’ll have seen that I ordered these lip kits a week or two ago! I’ve got to say, I have definitely worn them enough to give you an honest review! I think I’ve worn them everyday since I got them haha, I love them!


The packaging is so pretty! It is matte black with a shiny rose gold strip, which unfortunately my camera didn’t pick up! Each box also has the name at the bottom as well as lips with the colour of the shade on.

Lipliner: The lip liners are so so so soft and creamy! They literally glide on your lips, so easy to apply! They are very pigmented and are about a shade darker than the liquid lipsticks, which I like!

Liquid Lipstick: The formula for these is very matte, in my swatch image below they seem to look a little glossy but they are definitely not! They lasted me all day, obviously they had faded after a few hours but you could still clearly see the colour, it just wasn’t as bold as when I first put it on! They lasted through me eating and drinking too – although there was a bit of product on the straw which is expected.
I do find the formula a little sticky – I don’t know if that’s me just applying too much product or the formula is in general. It isn’t overly bad though like your lips don’t glue together, just feel a bit sticky occasionally!
I also got an even coverage in just one layer which was perfect! You didn’t need to apply a million coats to get an even finish or the colour you want, one coat works perfectly.


Echelon – brown based nude – this is a darker nude with more brown tones, it drys a lot darker than it looks in the tube! I do love this colour!
Grandee – a soft ‘barbie’ pink – This colour is a lot more pink than it looks on the website! I don’t like pink lipsticks on me or suit them at all so I was a bit disappointed with this one when it arrived! However it is a very pretty pink, so if you’re a pink lipstick kind of gal then this one is for you!


Reign – A dusty rose /nude – This is my favourite colour!! I absolutely love it, this is the one I have worn the most and had the most compliments on! It’s a perfect pink based nude!
Liquid Lipstick and Lipliner Swatches
(From left to right)
Echelon – Reign – Grandee
Overall I do really like these lip kits! They are affordable at only £6 and are definitely worth it!
A lot of people compare them to the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits but I am yet to try them! I will update you on the similarities when they do arrive though!
Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Liquid Lip Kits? What do you think of them?
Let me know in the comments!
Hope you enjoyed!!
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