Sensse Anti Aging Brush & Facial Contour Tool*

A while ago, I was sent some skincare products from Sensse beauty to review! I was very kindly sent a Anti Ageing Facial Cleansing brush – the full size & travel size! As well as a facial contour tool. I tried a cleansing brush a few years ago and didn’t get on with it too well, so after looking into this one and seeing what others thought of it I had very high hopes!

All of the products came well packaged in a simple white box with their logo engraved in rose gold foiling on the front, it is so simple yet so pretty!

The brush is a sleek white tool with rose gold accents, it is a very simple shape making it super easy to hold and use. The brush is also completely waterproof, so you can easily use it in the bath or shower making your morning / night time routine even simpler! The brush has a built in timer, it beeps and pauses every 20 seconds to remind you to move onto a new area of your face, the brush automatically stops after a minute, when the routine is finished.

The bristles are especially soft so that they gently massage the face while promoting blood circulation &  exfoliating the skin. If you use it regularly enough, it is created to stimulate collagen and Eastin production to help firm and smooth the skin, while also reducing your wrinkles and fine lines! There are three different intensity levels depending on how sensitive you need it for your skin or higher levels for a deeper exfoliation! My favourite part of the brush is how good the built in battery is! You only have to charge it once and it lasts for 60 uses! Which means you don’t have to worry about whether it’s charged or not when you’re about to use it! It also comes with a gorgeous rose gold charging dock, so it fits perfectly onto my dressing table!

The travel brush is basically a compact version of the cleansing brush! The travel brush is perfectly sized, it fits snug into the palm of your hand and the shape makes it so easy to hold. One charge of this little beauty makes it last up to 180 uses!! Which makes it even more perfect for travelling, you don’t have to worry about carrying extra chargers with you! The travel brushes also comes with two heads, one for a deep exfoliation & one for sensitive skin! I took the travel sized brush on holiday with me and it was perfect.

I have seen a big difference in my skin since starting using this brush, obviously my skin looks a lot fresher and cleaner than it usually would when just using a flannel / your hands as it is getting a good deep clean & exfoliation, but my skin also looks a lot smoother and healthier! I don’t have many fine lines or wrinkles but hopefully using this brush will prevent them for even longer (I can dream) haha. i would definitely recommend these cleansing brushes, they’re so convenient and I wouldn’t do my daily routine without it anymore. They’re definitely worth the money!

You can get them from Amazon, where they are currently on sale! Full Size // Travel Size

Sensse also sent me this rose gold facial toner massager & derma roller to try out! It is made with a 70 degree angle

so that it perfectly fits into all the contours of your face allowing you to massage and tone them to prevent the skin sagging. Now luckily i’m only 19 so the skin on my face hasn’t started to sag yet, but this lil tool can also be used as a derma roller to help the blood circulation. I have used this all over my face & it has given my skin a fab natural glow, making me look even healthier and hydrated! I will definitely be continuing to use this!

You can also get this from Amazon! Here!

Overall I have loved trying these Sensse products, I would recommend them to everyone!

Have you ever tried a facial cleansing brush or a derma roller? Let me know in the comments!

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